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Brexit could be good for little fishes
Strolling along the quiet fishing quay at Scheveningen, I met an old fisherman who said he hoped Brexit would not Read more.
What are our Energy Futures?
Entering the common Electricity & Energy Market is a slow process taking many steps; for instance, it took two decades Read more.
First ever case of cyber cooperation at EU level
As of Friday 12 May 2017, multiple variants of a ransomware named WannaCry have been spreading globally, affecting hundreds of Read more.
Acquired Rights of EU Citizens in the UK and British Citizens living in the EU-27
A new study commissioned by the European Union’s Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs examines the relevance of Read more.

Campaigns & Petitions

NHS Funding Pledge Petition
Pay £350m per week to NHS or re-run EU Referendum The only slogan on the side of the Leave EU Read more.
Support the ‘Personal associate EU citizenship’ proposal
As you may have read, members of the European Parliament have proposed the kind of EU membership this petition asks Read more.


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