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First ever case of cyber cooperation at EU level
As of Friday 12 May 2017, multiple variants of a ransomware named WannaCry have been spreading globally, affecting hundreds of Read more.
Acquired Rights of EU Citizens in the UK and British Citizens living in the EU-27
A new study commissioned by the European Union’s Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs examines the relevance of Read more.
Lessons from History
A time of war and a time for peace – These words, made famous by the Byrds in their 7-single: Read more.
Timetable leading up to the General Election
3 May at 00:01 – Parliament will be dissolved; any business such as open petitions will be closed prematurely. 4 Read more.

Campaigns & Petitions

Petition to EU Parliament under Art 227
Urge the EU to require a stronger mandate for Brexit from the UK Government In contrast to the undemocratic image Read more.
NHS Funding Pledge Petition
Pay £350m per week to NHS or re-run EU Referendum The only slogan on the side of the Leave EU Read more.


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