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The Cambridge Brexit Report (published 28’th April 2017)
The Cambridge Brexit Report is a collaboration between Cambridge for Europe, the Cambridge University European Society, The Wilberforce Society, Polygeia, and Cambridge Stays. Read more.
Chlorinated chicken and more….
Don’t forget, imports from the USA could also mean:- Beef washed in ammonia (american pink slime) Genetically modified food Meat Read more.
Brexit could be good for little fishes
Strolling along the quiet fishing quay at Scheveningen, I met an old fisherman who said he hoped Brexit would not Read more.
What are our Energy Futures?
Entering the common Electricity & Energy Market is a slow process taking many steps; for instance, it took two decades Read more.

Campaigns & Petitions

Petition to EU Parliament under Art 227
Urge the EU to require a stronger mandate for Brexit from the UK Government In contrast to the undemocratic image Read more.
NHS Funding Pledge Petition
Pay £350m per week to NHS or re-run EU Referendum The only slogan on the side of the Leave EU Read more.


Europe Day Picnic (West Kent)
SUNDAY, MAY 14TH: Europe Day Picnic Join us for a picnic to celebrate Europe Day – the annual celebration of Read more.
March for Europe
March 25th is the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, and is being celebrated throughout Europe. For us in Read more.