How would Tonbridge vote in another referendum?

185 people in Tonbridge took part in our Brexitometer survey on the 14th September 2019- see the photograph of the results.

  • of the 44 people who voted Leave in 2016 – 5 would now vote Remain
  • of the 17 people who did not vote in 2016 – 14 would vote Remain and 3 would not vote
  • of the 124 people who voted Remain in 2016 – 1 would vote Leave and 2 would not vote.

The most interesting observation in this small survey is that 14 out of the 17 people who did not vote in 2016 would now vote Remain; none said that they would vote Leave.

This gives encouragement to the view that there are a potentially a lot of votes to be won from the group who did not vote. This group is made up of those who were not old enough in 2016 to vote and those who did not vote but were eligible to do so.

Apart from manning the Brexitometer, the group were handing out “No to No Deal” leaflets and leaflets for the “People’s Vote March on 19th October”.

The usual mixed bag of extreme responses, some of which are not repeatable, was heard about our leafleting efforts. Those members of our group who were out in Tonbridge felt that wavering Leavers and Remainers continue to be susceptible to our arguments. For example, democracy, which is a major issue, didn’t end on the 23 rd June 2016 as stated by some Leavers and Remainers and some are prepared to listen to our case on this.