Postponed: National Rejoin March

The National Rejoin March has been postponed to a date yet to be confirmed

If you believe that it is a noble cause and that Britain’s future lies as a leading member of the EU, join and support the March and encourage others to join.

The Government considers that “Brexit is done” when many adverse changes to our relationship with our European friends have not yet been implemented. The arrangements the Government wishes for trading between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will break international law, endanger the Good Friday Agreement and may result in a trade war with the EU. 

In 2018 and 2019 there were four large marches in London, to protest at the absence of a second referendum on the terms negotiated with the EU. These marches showed that many British people did not wish to leave the EU. Support for rejoining the EU is strong, according to polls. This is supported by members of the public who attend our street stalls and who are pleased that campaigning for the EU continues.

The March in September will make people realise that we have not gone away and will bring back momentum to our Cause.

Come along to show you care

A group of us will be on the 10:50 train from Tonbridge and the 11:00 from Sevenoaks (it is the same train).
We will go to London Bridge and then by Tube to Bond Street to the Assembly Point at Marble Arch.

Our group is quite small and we need it to be as large a possible to show the Country – and the pro Brexit Media – that there is still a strong feeling in the Country that BREXIT ISN’T WORKING


You can just turn up, but if you let me know that you are coming we will look out for you –